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Malaysia, for many people this country is defined by it’s nature. Beautiful rainforrests, astunishing diving sites and amazing wildlife, you can al find it in this diverse country. But let’s not forget the interesting culture, history and cities that Malaysia has got to offer.

For me personally it took a while before I found out where Malaysia is about and who the Malaysian people really are. Because it is so diverse in his nature but also in his culture, Malaysia doesn’t tend to show her signature at first glimp. You got to put in a little effort to really get to know this country. But at the end all the effort is totally worth it!

The population of Malaysia is a mix of different cultures. The biggest groups are Malay, Chinese and Indians. This mix you will also find in the dishes. The best food of Malaysia is (in my experience) to be found on the streets. So don’t be shy and explore all the delicious dishes that are out there.

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